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Automation & Network

How we do it

The Noventis electronic payment network and proprietary automation technology are fundamental to our success as they combine to replace checks and other cumbersome payment types with fast, secure and efficient electronic payments.

Noventis doesn’t just deliver the payment, we create a superior experience for our partners and their customers. In a crowded and rapidly changing industry, Noventis stands apart through our adherence to these standards for processing payments:


Our payments are delivered in hours — not days like other methods.


We’re reducing fraud by funding payments with one-time use credit card numbers that protect — not expose personal and financial information.

Payment Ubiquity

We process all payment types, including B2B and C2B.


Our automation capabilities are powered by the patented Noventis platform, which converts payments into one-time-use, virtual credit card payments in the exact amount owed and delivers them directly into the accepting business’s billing platform. Both Senders and Receivers in the Noventis payment network benefit from the platform’s fast delivery, straight through processing, and lack of adoption requirements or costs.

For businesses that require other methods of delivery, Noventis also can deliver the payments by portal, phone and secure fax.


Payments are delivered to a network of over 125,000 business suppliers and consumer billers. The network consists of large, national service providers such as telecom, cable and insurance as well as small businesses, such as healthcare, professional services, and retail.

Together, the Noventis network and automation capabilities are solving the problem of network fragmentation by creating a greatly expanded and streamlined universe of electronically payable businesses with no restrictions on billing or invoicing categories.

Origination Partners

Consumer & Business Payments
Financial Institutions
Payment Processors
AP Solution Providers


Bill & Invoice to V-Card Conversion

Billers & Suppliers

Massive Network of National & Small Businesses