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September 20, 2016

Noventis to Deliver Faster, Cost-Effective Payments to SMBs

PreCash Inc. officially became Noventis, Inc. today to serve new markets and deliver faster payments at a lower cost to a broad base of businesses.  Fueled by record growth, an infusion of capital and growing market demand for more efficient payment delivery, Noventis will make faster, more cost-effective digital payments available to a wider number of financial services and Fintech partners that serve small to medium businesses (SMBs).  Leveraging the same technology that is already in use by over 4,000 partners, Noventis is optimizing payment delivery by providing electronic access to an ever-growing network of businesses.

“There is growing market demand from both businesses and consumers for more efficient and cost effective methods of bill payment delivery,” said Steve Taylor, Noventis, CEO.  “While the marketplace has done a great job connecting consumers and businesses to large companies for electronic bill pay solutions—most small and medium businesses are still relying on high-cost and time intensive ‘off network’ payment methods.  Building on our success as PreCash, Noventis is well positioned to make digital payments more accessible and affordable for small to medium-sized businesses.”

Noventis’ proprietary processing platform dynamically routes payments to a vast and ever growing network of biller endpoints.  The patented platform replaces cumbersome transactions, such as paper checks, with a wide array of electronic payment methods, greatly accelerating delivery speed and dramatically lowering costs.  The company is aggressively broadening its network to include small and medium-sized businesses that have not had the benefit of receiving electronic payments—until now.

Steve Taylor, Noventis, CEO continued, “With the launch of Noventis, anyone processing bill payments can leverage our platform. The result of moving these disparate small and medium-sized businesses to a single electronic network will sharply reduce costs to the entire ecosystem and immediately increase our clients’ bottom lines, which in turn, delivers more value to the customers they serve.”

Noventis will continue to operate and support its retail payments business under the PreCash moniker. For more information, visit

Noventis develops innovative solutions to challenges around the delivery of bill and invoice payments. Its state-of-the-art payment processing platform delivers payments to an ever-growing network of billers and suppliers. Leveraging the company’s patented technology, Noventis is improving speed and efficiency by eliminating paper checks and automating other functions with straight through processing (STP). For more information, visit, or follow us on LinkedIn ( and Twitter ( .

Lorraine Kauffman-Hall, for Noventis