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The Noventis Blog

Payment Automation for SMBs is Good Business for Everyone

The growing acceptance of virtual cards, sometimes referred to as v-cards, by small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) is increasing exponentially as suppliers embrace the improved security and convenience of this digital payment method over paper checks.

Noventis Sees Continued Adoption of V-Cards by SMBs in 2018

Noventis, saw small to midsize business (SMB) adoption rates of virtual card (also known as v-card) payments increase significantly over the past 12 months.

Helping the Team and the Community in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey

Noventis has a longstanding tradition of dedicating a work day to giving back to the community by lending the services of our workforce to local charities.

Helping Small Businesses Avoid Check Fraud

At a time when check fraud and identity theft are increasingly problematic to all constituents in the payments ecosystem, there are over five million small businesses in the US that lack access to the same digital payment innovations as larger businesses.

Payment Providers Can Ease the Pain of Checks for Healthcare

Electronic transactions offer numerous benefits for health-care payments, including reduced operating costs, efficient processing, enhanced reliability, and strengthened security.