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Improve Customer Satisfaction & Operational Efficiency with e-Payments


Noventis is changing the landscape of receiving bill and invoice payments to benefit businesses and their customers by offering faster, safer and more efficient electronic payments.

We help businesses of all sizes in our payment network better serve their customers and operate more efficiently by converting problematic paper checks to fast, highly secure, single-use virtual credit card payments in the exact amount owed by the customer.

Benefits of Receiving Payments from Noventis

Improve Customer Experience

Improve Customer Experience

Drastically accelerates payment posting that allows customers to make last-minute payments.

Delivers both cash-paying and banked consumers and businesses a lower-cost, expedited payment.

Reduces risk of credit card fraud and identity theft by not exposing customers’ information.

Reduce Your Costs

Reduce Your Costs

Reduces costs of paper-handling and back-office processing.

Expands payment footprint with no investment in technology or consumer adoption.

Dramatically accelerated payment-delivery time improves cash flow.

Noventis delivers unmatched 99.9% accuracy, significantly above the industry average.

No Adoption Requirements

No Adoption Requirements

Receiving Noventis payments requires no implementation or action to get started. Payments can be delivered directly into your existing customer online and phone-based payment systems, self-service style.

If you don’t have an automated system for receiving payments, Noventis can accommodate your preferred delivery method, including email, secure fax, and phone (including IVR). Upon receipt of the payment, you’ll have access to the Noventis automated tools for Straight-Through Processing of remittance and settlement.

Straight-Through Processing
Payment Portal — Coming Soon

Businesses receiving payments in the Noventis network benefit from a superior process that further streamlines the secure acceptance, processing and reconciliation of payments. The Noventis Payment Portal brings Straight-Through Processing (STP), the electronic delivery of funds and related account information with zero intervention. STP allows buyers and suppliers to electronically share information for quicker, more secure and effective transaction processing.

When businesses adopt STP solutions, errors are reduced as accounts receivable employees are freed up from manually entering information and verifying whether a transaction has fully processed.

The Noventis Payment Portal is making STP a reality for thousands of businesses who, until now, used manual data entry and other inefficient methods to record all elements of the settlement process.

Nearly 90% of Noventis’
partner payments are processed via
straight-through processing.