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Frequently Asked

What is a single-use virtual card payment?

Single-use virtual cards replace checks and physical credit card payments by your customers with a one-time-use, “virtual” Mastercard®, Visa® or Discover® card payment in the exact amount of the payment initiated by your customer that is valid for a limited period of time. Once the card is charged or expires it cannot be reused, making it worthless to hackers and fraudsters. Single-use virtual cards are a great alternative to costly, inefficient and non-secure check payments.

How do single-use virtual cards protect my customers and my business?

Virtual cards provide your customers protection against identity theft because they do not expose any personal information about the payer. Less customer financial information on your systems helps to protect your business against liability from a hack. Additionally, since the virtual card number cannot be reused, it is of no value once it has been charged or it expires.

What are the other benefits of single-use virtual cards?

In addition to the security benefits, single-use virtual card payments improve the customer experience and improve loyalty by drastically increasing posing time to same-day, which may allow them to avoid late fees or service interruptions. For your business, they reduce labor costs required to open the mail, enter data, and make bank deposits.

How does the customer initiate payment?

Noventis payments begin with the paying customer choosing their preferred payment channel. The payment can originate through a bank’s website, via a mobile device, payment kiosk at a retail outlet or through another channel. Payments delivered by Noventis may also originate from a payment processor or a third-party accounts payable provider.

Are there any technology requirements to accept Noventis payments?

No. Noventis delivers payments via your preferred method, including Secure Fax, Automated Phone (IVR), Phone (Payment Representative), and Online Payment Portal.

Are there additional costs to my business for using single-use virtual cards?

No. You will pay the same interchange fee as you do with other credit card payments.

Do I process single-use virtual card payments like any other credit card payment?

Yes. Virtual credit cards are processed the same as any Visa®, Mastercard® or Discover® payments.

What are the advantages of working with Noventis?

Noventis is the only company focused on serving the market of small to medium-sized business payment automation. Noventis has the sophisticated technology, dedicated resources and expertise to support a robust network of electronically payable businesses. Noventis processes over $4 billion in transaction volume annually.

Are there any costs or obligations to receive payments from Noventis?

No. There are no fees, no contracts and no commitments required to begin receiving single-use payments as a member of the Noventis payment network.

How do I contact Noventis support?

Call us toll-free (866) 972-6137 or email