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If you send payments to businesses you know the challenges that can negatively impact your bottom line. Labor-intensive manual processes, such as phone calls, costly paper checks, and undeliverable corporate, virtual credit card payments can all drag down your e-rate and cost your organization time and money.

Don’t leave interchange revenue on the table. Partner with the payments provider specifically built to address your challenges. Our vast payment network expands your reach of business and consumer payment receivers that are able to accept virtual credit cards, enabling you to move more of your payments into our revenue-sharing model that’s helping partners secure a share of the $2 trillion in annual check payments.


Revenue Generated
Revenue Generated
Expenses Reduced
Expenses Reduced
Dramatic E-Rate Lift
Dramatic E-Rate Lift
Same-Day Payment Delivery
Same-Day Payment Delivery
Expanded Reach of Suppliers
Expanded Reach of Suppliers
Automated Remittance Functions
Automated Remittance Functions
Reduced Payment Fraud Risk
Reduced Payment Fraud Risk

There is a vast, largely untapped
market in enabling safer, faster payments for businesses.

Transaction Trends, Oct., 2017

Increase Customer Engagement

Noventis helps financial institutions increase engagement with their customers while also providing them with a superior payment solution.

Our 125,000 supplier network includes virtually all national and regional utilities, along with medium and small businesses across the nation, allowing you to offer comprehensive bill payment services to your customers.

Noventis’ expedited, same-day payments allow your customers the convenience of making last-minute payments in order to avoid late fees or service interruptions.

Fraud Protection
Give your customers peace-of-mind knowing that their credit card, checking account and other personal details are protected when they pay with your online bill-pay service.

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Payment Services

Noventis offers a range of services associated with payment delivery. Some senders may utilize more of these services than others depending on their needs.


Enrolling your suppliers into the Noventis network

Payment Acquisition

Ensuring flexibility and integrity

Payment Delivery

Via recipient’s preferred delivery method


Post payments using your card or ours

Payment Monitor

Validation and support tools

With the Noventis partnership, Nexus can offer its utilities, insurance, and telecom suppliers an easy and automated virtual card payment process.

Jennifer Coolidge, Founder & President, Nexus

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